The Relationship Between Student’s Mastery Of Pronunciation And Their Speaking Skill (A Corellational Research done in first semester of English Education Study Program of FKIP at Balebandung University)

Ari Dermawan. B1B160055. Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan. Universitas Bale Bandung. 2020.


The research entilted The Relationship Between Students’ Mastery of Pronunciation and Their Speaking skill. The purpose of the research are to know whether there is relationship between students mastery of pronunciation and their speaking skill and to find out whether  it is high, positive and significant. The method used in this research is correlational study. The population and sample of this study is the first semester students of Bale Bandung University including class A and B. the instrument of the research is the documentation of pronunciation and speaking I test result. Based on the data obtained, the value on product moment correlation coefficient (r) is -0.116, it means the degree of correlation is very low and negative, and from the result of the computation of t with the df= 37, at p = .05, the critical value of t (table) is 2.021 and the derived t is smaller than the value of the critical t (table) 0.707<2.021, the Null Hypothesis (Ho) is retained, stating that there is no significant correlation between students’ mastery of pronunciation and their speaking skill I of the first semester of English Education Study Program of Bale Bandung University. In conclution the correlation between the Students Mastery of Pronunciation  and Their Speaking I of the first semester is very low, negative and not significant.

Keywords: Pronunciation Mastery, Speaking Skill, correlation