This paper entitled “Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery by using Anagram Technique”. It was an experimental study at the second grade students of SMP Manggala. The aim of this study is to find out the effectiveness of Anagram technique in improving students’ vocabulary mastery at the second grade students of SMP Manggala and to know whether or not the students like being taught vocabulary mastery when studying descriptive text by using Anagram technique. In this research, the researcher uses pre-experimental method. The data was obtained by conducting pretest, posttest and questionnaire. The finding of the study showed that the mean of pretest was 44.16 and after several treatments were given, the mean of posttest become 68.33. It means that the students’ average score of vocabulary mastery was increased. Based on the result computation, t-test was greater than t-table (8.110 > 2.045). Therefore, Ho was rejected. It meant that there was a significant difference in the students’ score before and after the treatment by using Anagram technique to the second grade students of SMP Manggala. Therefore, using Anagram technique for improving students’ vocabulary mastery in studying descriptive text was effective. Based on the result of the questionnaire, the students had positive responses toward anagram as a technique in learning vocabulary in descriptive text they also like being taught vocabulary using this technique.
Keywords: Vocabulary and Anagram Technique