The Correlation Between Student’s Grammar Mastery and Their Writing Ability (A Correlation Study Done in the Fourth Semester of English Education Study Program)

Mohammad Ardiansyah. B1B160033. Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan. Universitas Bale Bandung. 2020.


Mohammad Ardiansyah. “The Correlation Between Students Grammar Mastery and their Writing Ability at7th semester of English Education Study Program of Bale Bandung University”. S1 (Sarjana Pendidikan). Faculty Teacher Training and Educational Sciences Bale Bandung University.

English is an international language which grows rapidly nowadays because of the globalization effect on the information era, it most widely used language by people in the world in written communication. Writing ability can be used for many purposes, write in the application to writing reports, conveying plan to giving instruction. Each have their own demands Nowadays, a lot people do writing for everything, for example people do writing in their social media like for status by using their mobile phone.. To have credibility in writing, students have to study the components of witing, in this case English language. Among the components of writing, grammar is the most important component in writing. It means by having good grammar students can writing with good .

This study is intended to test the phenomenon. It is purposed to find out whether there is correlation between student grammar mastery and their writing ability and if the correlation exist, whether the correlation is high, positive and significant or not. This research used correlation research design and it was done in student university of English Education Study Program at Bale Bandung University. The sample of this research consisted of one grades there is seventh semester. The writer used Pearson‟s r and t-test for significance formula to analysis the data. In collecting the data grammar mastery and writing ability were used the result from grammars‟ and writing‟s lecturer. The result of the data analysing indicated that the  value of r was 0.245 and it was between 0.200-0.400, it mean there was no correlation between student‟s grammar mastery and their writing ability and the correlation was low. The result of the t-observed was lower than t-table (2,525>2.021). As a result,  there  was  no correlation  between  student‟s  grammar  mastery  and  their writing ability with the correlation is low, negative and no significant.